Thursday, May 03, 2007

eat your vegetables!

That is all.

No, wait! You gotta burp that baby!

And another thing, you will be amazed by the pizza that Rick and I cooked up on tuesday:

halfway layered up

that's mango and chipotle turkey, not pineapple and ham! ha!

easing on the second layer

DING! Time to eat! Damn it's good. The full list of ingredients available at Hourly Comic Day


LeRoy saves the day by bringing his deflated pal a hand pump. Yes, that is what that is. It is not an oversized toothbrush.

And actually there is a little story behind the parsnip. I sat in the fiction area at work on lunch (yes, among the populace instead of sequestered in the staff lounge!) and started sketching. I knew I wanted to play around with shading, but I'd no idea what I was going to draw. So I just started with a couple of eyeballs...and the fringe up top and the other fringe below. I stopped, looked, and saw a root vegetable! When I came home tonight I did a little more shading and called it a parsnip. I like it. I love parsnips, too.

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