Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Life's Too Good

O happy day, sunny and warm and my tootsies are ten free birds!

why a german/english dictionary? the pages are of the texture I prefer when I paint on them, that is why! and it was two dollars. and it smells old which is not a bad thing. I'm working my way up to a Moleskine.

Today I woke up early, which is good because I need to go in to work for a meeting (it's my regular day off, but hey, I'll just swing by the art store on the way home). I've had time to mess about painting and stuff. And listen to Bjork's Breezeblock mix and Sugarcubes...I'm saving her new album, Volta, for later tonight maybe (it was released yesterday! ooh! yes!).

Last night I dreamt about my nephew Steve (you have a nephew? i hear you exclaim. yes I do). I haven't seen him for uh...um....scritch scritch...years. And more years. He's only like two years younger than me - gah! that's weird. Anyway he was rilly rilly tall in my dream and he was all, 'you look great!' and I'm all 'you are really tall - are you taller than that tall man over there?' and he's like, 'oh yeah, by several inches' and I go, 'you look great too!'. Smacka! Victoria! He's your nephew! So anyway...that's the story thing behind where the drawing above originated.

I gotta go!


Anne said...

I adore those kinds of dreams. I think the best ones are not necessarily full of action, but full of feeling and nuance. Whenever you're surprised by dream content, you have to remind yourself that YOU are the author of your own dreams. Every iota. Hmm.

And I can't find the post, but you mentioned a California nostalgia. Specifically, San Diego. I have that connection too (La Jolla), and suffer from bouts of it myself! There's something pervasive about that place-- it's always the 70's there, and the yellow sun always feels slightly overexposed. A couple of years ago, I took a road trip to Cali on video to satisfy some longings. I highly recommend it.

Love the drawing-- that style of yours really appeals to me.

V.K. said...

Agreed on all points - I looove dreams with lots of atmosphere and nuance too. I wake up feeling so energized.

You are so right about California! I went to Harbin Hot Springs a few years ago...it was SO great, all the smells, the familiar colors...

This was a fun page to do, I like that it just Happened Again. A few moments of Lucidity!