Sunday, May 13, 2007

happy mother's day

My mom used to drink Coors from a can with a straw. She doesn't do that anymore, because she is dead (RIP mom - do not worry I am okay). I threw out all my straws when I moved, and I cannot bring myself to drink a Coors. So I made a smoothie. This one's for you, ma (and Wrick's mom too) (er, and Trish's also):

Know what I could do? Make some beer bread! That stuff is good.

Based on a sculpture from Mirta Toledo. I liked her 'Offering' sculpture and I was thinking I'd offer to buy my mom a beer if she was around. I think my drawing mixes young and old.

Now the one below....there is a bit of cloth over one of those people's mouths. I had this dream last night, the lead singer of Metallica was in my place (dream place, not this place) and had this piece of cloth over his lips and kissed me. I'd like to think of some deep freudian jungian meaning, but I don't think it was very deep. I think he probably had a cold sore and didn't want to give it to me, or something. Dreams are so weird. (and anyway......James Hetfield??? that is so not my dream guy..oh wait...dammit!)

I gotta go check out the sunshine.


Anne said...

Yeah, I've been dreaming a lot lately, too. A couple have featured Sharon Gless, and I can't say I'm sorry, even if I don't quite understand them.

Anne said...

P.S. Fuckin' A, that is one giantabulous latte!

V.K. said...

Sharon? I know the name of that show, it's...lacey and carney...carney...what is it?? Egads, of all people - that is funny.

*quaff quaff*

Anne said...

You mean "Cagney & Lacey." Yeah, that's the one.

So, what's with all this serious dreaming? I say enjoy them. They're quite entertaining, rife with little puzzles....