Saturday, May 05, 2007

this is Tungstun

more messin' about with messin' about

I was gonna do...what was I gonna do?? Some kind of ass view thing. That just wasn't doing it for me. So I put it aside, and then I looked at it some more, and then I turned it opposite/upside down, and saw some ears instead of legs now...added an eye socket ball, and another...the sock puppet was the last thing and there you have it.

I am done foregoing the pleasure of just mucking about. I've been a little sidetracked (constipated) because I've an eye towards selling. Well, it's back to the drawing board on that. I gotta do what I love to do, not what I think will sell. And THAT is also what I keep reading other artists saying the last few days! So I guess we have all come to the same conclusion.

Remember being a kid? You PLAYED ALL DAY! It wasn't wasted time, either. You learned all sorts of things without consciously realizing it. Same deal with any kind of play.

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