Saturday, May 26, 2007

take that

Well, this one was hell to do. I'm experiencing what I guess is the equivalent of a writer's block. Common sense tells me that I should just do mundane things, like print up a bunch of prints and select the best and get an Etsy store together. Or learn more Photoshop and dink around with my Cafe Press shop. (although I did add a ringer tshirt, which I think looks smashing and I will want to be ordering one for myself)

So...maybe I will listen to common sense, or maybe I will continue to bash my head against the wall. Actually it's kind of fun, to see how much abuse I can dish out for myself.

No not really, but I do enjoy finding out how long I'll keep trying. Which, so far, I'm still trying. So I did this tonight:

I learned about a really cool site to sell prints. It's called Thumbtack Press. I gather that it's a pretty rigorous course to run through to become accepted, which has a lot to do with how many amazing artists there are out there. BUT, I really like the tack they're taking....ha ha ha...gak. The art for sale is a bit edgier and in fact they say don't bother submitting cute teddy bears or toddlers holding hands. They do all the work - printing, packaging, shipping. And, they take 50%. Which, hey. To me it'd be worth it, to not have to shlep and ship the stuff myself.

I need to practice more, and in the meantime, submit some stuff anyway.

Doggedly hanging on to thursday's amazing sunny and warm weather, I am dressed in shorts with no socks....I have donned my favorite long sleeved fuzzy though. I will NOT close the windows and doors yet!!

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Travis said...

You might also want to check out Imagekind, as they do the same fulfillment, have really high quality work, and they don't take any % - you keep it all.