Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Bet you thought I was lost forever down that rabbit hole. Nay! I'm back and better than ever...where did I put of wine...

My days have been full, rich, and loamy, for fact's sake. Catching up with friends, very good very good. Biking, walking around the city, visiting my old haunts (not the least of which is the Library, how I love it so). No job searching yet, but plenty of hunting around for a place to live. The ones in my comfortably affordable range are all in shitty neighborhoods, or are shitholes themselves, or both. I guess not all people care about grime factors, or things like covered and secure bicycle parking, functional appliances or functional space, period. I like amenities such as storage and closets and no mold. Hmmm. I shall be ever rigorous and hopeful in my search.

In the meantime, I am house sitting for a couple of good friends in a very clean, quiet, and safe (but not sanitized) neighborhood. I've been planting young things to grow and eat in their raised beds. I was offered these tender green vittles by way of thank-you after spending time out at GrassRoots farm. Grass is a place plunk in the middle of our city, but you wouldn't know it. Last year nearly 70,000 pounds of food was grown and given to Food for Lane County (with which it is affiliated).

I love how organized my friends' home is, and how they've achieved a balance between couture, eclecticism, and down-home lived-in laid-back loveliness. I also love how organized the Farm is - the gardening glove bins are not only split into sizes, but also into left and right hand gloves! And they feed the volunteers lunch every day, which is a marvelous communal affair, and damn delicious. There's an outdoor covered kitchen and a whole building devoted to cookware and eating-ware. A demo compost class was held last weekend, which I attended. Food security, baby, it's where it's at!!

Here's a couple neighborhood shots, down by the river where Jacque and Marsha live:

Oodles of ornamental cherry blossoms (I'm guessing):

And at night on the river:

The other day I remembered Hourly Comic Day. Do you remember that?? Wow it's been a long time. So I did a Day's Worth, and you can click on over to read the whole nine yards and then some, including my artist pals' contributions too.

Here's my front cover.

Not much else to rhapsodize, philosophize, or reminisce about right now. The wine, she's working to woo me, and I must adjourn.