Friday, February 01, 2008

plink plonk plink plonk

Just a few important words before I fade out for the night.

The last few weeks were torturous hell. I am living proof that PMS does in fact exist, and I can and will survive (cue music). Yesterday I felt a shift, outta the blue. This morning, I felt positively......positive!

Almost manic.

Hormones, man, hormones, baby, lemme tell you, they are real, alive, kicking, and totally influential. Chemical romance and all that. It's a real trip. Maybe for one week out of the month, I will feel great, and the other three, I will want to rip everyone a new asshole.

I bought some herbs today. The legal kind, silly. Vitex, after my best girl friend Jacque told me what she learned about it at Sundance. S'possed to help with PMS and menopause and everything.

So yeah! This has been a totally estrogen-laden post! Deal! :-D

It's Hourly Comic Day and you can head to the


or gorge yourselves at


since this month it's a worldwide event. A global affair, if you will. It's so exciting. I'm posting to the forums tomorrow, but the blog is current as of the 10-11 hour. One more panel, and I am so done.

Oh, I tried my hand at painting a t-shirt the other night. It's acrylics, and Sharpie Paint Pens.

Good night, and sweet dreams. No need to fear for your small children, at least this week. I'll keep you posted.