Thursday, March 29, 2007

the shadow knows

Were those turkeys a figment of my imagination? I haven't heard OR seen any in a couple days...maybe they migrate to the other side of the butte.

If I end up staying on here for some months and think I'll stay on well past those some months I think I will seriously consider asking the owner if he would either install front and back doors with glass, paid for by him (a long shot, I know, but ever hopeful me...) or paid for by me and take it off my rent (again, with the hopefulls) or if he'd consent to me putting them in and they didn't cost too much (I've got hope in spades!!) I'd buy them for my light-starved sanity's sake.

My morning routine used to be:

open the bedroom curtains (okay, I do that here too)
stumble into the kitchen, roll up the bamboo blind that covered the double sliding glass door
stumble into the living room and uncurtain the window (okay, I do that here too)

I am really missing the double sliding glass door, but I am getting used to the new routine which is, after opening the bedroom curtains and looking out into trees and more trees with birds singing galore-iously

stumbling into the kitchen and flipping on lights
then to the living room and doing the same
and on over into the front 'foyer' to illuminate that corner too

Okay, I'm good at establishing my own routines!

And doing more art is really helping a lot. I did these last night but was too late to post. This first is another extrapolated doodle, from perfectlynormal over at Nervousness. Unfortunately I neglected to take a picture of the doodle before I did more doodling, and this one I actually started before I moved:

Perfectly Normal seems an apt title for this 'un, eh?

And here is the first slice of Cake served up from the new locale!

In closing, a brief public wishing of wellness and beauty for Frogstar who is moving to the other big island, Australia! Bon voyage, sweet cheeks!

And a good night to the rest of you lot.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


This morning, one of the cats who lives here sauntered across the bridge with a mouthful of twigs and leaves. That is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. What is she gonna do, make a nest? She carried it down the hall to the boys. A gift?

Here's the bridge and you can see a little black fur. That's not the cat who ferries the twigs. Three of the five or six cats I see regularly have really big floppy bellies. And they're not pregnant. I think they're very well-fed. Or maybe their thyroids are funky?

And here, another doodle completed. This time the original belongs to Trish:

Dunno, just happened.

I really like watercolor and ink.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

wild ones

This is who wandered in front of my window yesterday morning:

Turkeys are big birds!!! They do their gobbling turkey sound in the mornings. It's pretty hilarious. I used the zoom lens, so it looks like I'm right on top of the gobbler but I'm actually some lots of feet back. I spooked the bird, that is why it's making a more-or-less mad dash. You can see the bus stop, and my car (the teal one). I'm close to the road but there's not much traffic, and I've never heard any screeching brake sounds, like someone's avoiding running over a wild turkey.

Things are settling in here quite nicely. Whew. I biked up the hill today. Had a physical therapy appointment this afternoon, so I changed out the brakes front and back, and headed down into town. I pretty much granny geared it all the way back up (I guess it's at least a mile uphill but it's not SUPER super steep) (pant pant pant). But I made it! And at my more or less snail's pace, it was only a thirty minute trip from deep into down town (such as it is here....we're pretty non-metropolitan although Eugene boasts about 140,000 people in the city limits).

I asked my neighbor Martha if I could park my bike by her back door, you can see the side of her back door in the first picture above. She offered her front door, which is covered. I could bring my bike in through the apartment (dripping wet) and to the back porch but......yick. She was really sweet. I feel so relieved. My bike will be safe, and I don't have to wrastle it in and out. NICE!!

Aaand, I actually did some art this evening! A long overdue project which I initiated .....geh. Last summer!! We did some doodles and passed 'em around for each other to finish. Here is a before and after of Paulette Gill's ink marks made with a stick:

I've been listening to a loop of Danny Elfman for the last hour and a half...more or less......because Andry Snak has set it to be background on his fantastic site. I learned about him through the Drawn! illo blog. Mr. Snak is nutritious and delicious, I think you should go there right now and get a couple servings.

Gee...I wonder where I got some of the inspiration for the seahorsey.....this monoprint is the creation of my friend Jacque...sorry it's a pretty bad picture but if I use the flash everything looks pasty, austere, and clinical when really my place is all about the glow:

Is. She. Not. Awesome????

Art aisle is off to the left there, in front of the living room window.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

heave ho

oy! I am finally totally moved, and only one box left to unpack. And as I've told many already, I think that my new place and I are becoming friends now and have crossed the Merely Acquaintances bridge.

Hear that? Listen....yes, that is the sound of near-silence. No 4x4 people gunning their engines up and down the road, and no constant daytime and nighttime television blather blasting through my floor and into my living space. There are all sorts of trails riddling the hills to explore and hike.

This'll do for a spell, I think. I do recognize the urge to live closer in to town, but I can wait, since I'm feeling more at home here this week.

Because last week was fucked up!! I was on The Pill to help straighten out some other girl stuff, and it only made everything (physiological and emotional) way worse. Totally amped it all. So I ditched those babies and now I'm not feeling so over-the-edge despondent.

More later, gotta catch a bus to work.

Wavin' atcha'll from a sunny mountain tip!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Finals Week

'Tis, truly. Went for a final walk up and down the butte behind the apartment, and through the park this weekend. Said goodbye to the folks at the post office and told them what a great job they've done. Went to Jerry's (home improvement) for the last time (probably - most likely) and picked up a fatigue mat. Why? It was only six dollars and a Cutting Mat from JoAnn Fabrics for that size would cost $40. I even tried it out in the store...asked a worker to please cut something with a box knife on the surface of the mat to see if it would shred...nope. Score! Bought my final Burrito Boy sausage breakfast burrito. The weather was gorgeous, then turned rainy, and then for the last two days it's been dry so I went for my final bike rides in to work - perfect.

Here is my final Mr. Cake card to be mailed from this here address:

On monday, I had a visitor:

I wonder what is in there that was so attractive to this butterfly??

I'm pretty well packed up. And I may be offline for a few days. If there isn't a free wireless internet connection I can leech off in the new apartment building, they won't be hooking me back up until monday. We will see.

Time to do PT and get to bed. Gee I sound like a broken record. I can hardly believe that the cast's been off for TWO MONTHS! Damn!


Sunday, March 04, 2007

one fish two bikes

March Hourly Comic Day was a success! Why? Because:

I did it.
Wrick did it.
'Lillies did it!
I'm pretty sure we all enjoyed ourselves.

You can check it out, just burp that baby!

And come play with us next month!

I will be glad when all this moving business is over. I'm in bardo. And I've got one leg up in bed *yawn*. Didn't know that bardo could be so damn busy.....