Thursday, March 22, 2007

heave ho

oy! I am finally totally moved, and only one box left to unpack. And as I've told many already, I think that my new place and I are becoming friends now and have crossed the Merely Acquaintances bridge.

Hear that? Listen....yes, that is the sound of near-silence. No 4x4 people gunning their engines up and down the road, and no constant daytime and nighttime television blather blasting through my floor and into my living space. There are all sorts of trails riddling the hills to explore and hike.

This'll do for a spell, I think. I do recognize the urge to live closer in to town, but I can wait, since I'm feeling more at home here this week.

Because last week was fucked up!! I was on The Pill to help straighten out some other girl stuff, and it only made everything (physiological and emotional) way worse. Totally amped it all. So I ditched those babies and now I'm not feeling so over-the-edge despondent.

More later, gotta catch a bus to work.

Wavin' atcha'll from a sunny mountain tip!


Etayne said...

It's thing Number 3!!
Hiya, Victoria!! I'm glad you are up and running again.
Miss you...

frogstar said...

hey babycakes!
you are such a star, unpacked already! i am trying not to let my packing madness get me down, it is succchhh a big job!
and yay for not feeling so crapski and yay for no noisy neighbours and yay for you being pretty dang fabulous all round.

V.K. said...

awww...hey girls. so good to see and hear from yous.

froggy I bow down before you - packing to move between islands and all.

Penny said...

Only one box left to unpack????!!!??? Hmmmmmmm....I must be doing something wrong...I moved almost a month ago and there are still boxes of stuff stacked around the rooms in various places (some hidden in closets, some not). What is your secret???

Anyhoo, glad to hear your move was smooth and you are settling in :).


V.K. said...

Hi Penny :-)

My secret part-time, don't go to school, no kids and an art slump. Oh, and an obsessive need to set down roots asap.

For the record, that ONE BOX is still sitting in the kitchen....