Sunday, August 23, 2009

faire weather

On friday I met up with some friends at the Lane County Fair. I entered the event at the gate next to The Slingshot. You can fork over thirty dollars to be seated in a big chair attached to huge rubberbands, and be shot into the sky. Marvelous. I would totally lose my shit.

I went to hang out with friends, and for photo ops, and because at that particular time, it was free admittance (otherwise it woulda cost nine clams). The reason a passel of the population gained free entry is because one of our local stores sponsors an hour on one day: if you flash your Bi Mart card, you're in.

Welcome to the Fair! Where everything is deep fried - even the ice cream, and the goats. Okay right okay not the goats.

And this is the best photo:


two question test reveals answer

Which two questions do you think are asked?

1. Who's the last rock star you slept with?
2. What's the square root of pi?
3. Have you ever double-dipped?
4. When you stole that tenner from the tip jar did you spend it all on yourself?
5. Stranded on an island in a hypothetical sea-wreck, which three items could you not live without?
6. Do you fancy that pygmy goat yonder?


That was friday, which was a day I felt like dog shit (in body, if not in spirit). I was up ridiculously late the night before, drawing until waaay past midnight, drinking wine, and Skype-ing with a friend in the UK. Friday afternoon I went to the local market for wine-tasting, which cured my hangover. (note to self)


Saturday, August 15, 2009

mi casa

Hey, that sunflower I bought as a prepubescent has grown up and has begun to bloom, just in time for my brother Christopher's birthday. He woulda been 48 tomorrow. Sunflowers = his fave. Aw man, happy birthday.

Here's a slice o' the back yard. Edibles and non-edibles, co-existing in harmony.

Here is where I live. It is a cozy little casa and I love it here. Two full rooms and a watercloset that's not claustrophobic. It's great....just enough room, and not too much to clean.

I live in the little bit on the right, it's attached to Joan's house who occupies it with her cat who is a calico and looks permanently pissed off. I think it's just the way her fur grows over her eyes though.
Joan is on vacation. When the cat's crack open that bottle of wine tonight....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

'tis the season

OH my god we survived the heat wave. Week before last it was 107. Miserable. The older I get, the margin of temperature where I can function is narrowing. okay, bitch over!

I am still being creeped out by the photo of my dead mother. No wonder, right? god!

OHkay, this is what was going on the first week of July, in the raised bed I built out front. I planted everything from seed except for the tomato (in the upper right corner). You see here three little basils, and three summer squash:

Four weeks later, presto!

It's even crazier now; I took this photo about ten days ago. Bumper to bumper crop, can ya dig it?!

Several weeks ago I was on walkabout near Sundance (natural foods market) and saw this:

Now tell me, would you see something like this in YOUR town?

- of course
- no fucking way
- only when I'm high

People 'round these parts, least the ones who shop at Sundance, have a real...sense of humor. Well I think it's funny. What was this all about?

- duck food
- dog food
- it's my freaking breakfast, you moron!