Tuesday, August 11, 2009

'tis the season

OH my god we survived the heat wave. Week before last it was 107. Miserable. The older I get, the margin of temperature where I can function is narrowing. okay, bitch over!

I am still being creeped out by the photo of my dead mother. No wonder, right? god!

OHkay, this is what was going on the first week of July, in the raised bed I built out front. I planted everything from seed except for the tomato (in the upper right corner). You see here three little basils, and three summer squash:

Four weeks later, presto!

It's even crazier now; I took this photo about ten days ago. Bumper to bumper crop, can ya dig it?!

Several weeks ago I was on walkabout near Sundance (natural foods market) and saw this:

Now tell me, would you see something like this in YOUR town?

- of course
- no fucking way
- only when I'm high

People 'round these parts, least the ones who shop at Sundance, have a real...sense of humor. Well I think it's funny. What was this all about?

- duck food
- dog food
- it's my freaking breakfast, you moron!

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