Saturday, October 16, 2010

three weeks down

How're y'all doin' out there?

Okay yes, three weeks of Fall term under the belt.  So far so good, and all the instructors are present and accounted for - which you know is important for me, if you've read any of my previous rants about professor absenteeism. Furthermore, all of the instructors are top-notch. Art History (how does she maintain enthusiasm term after term?), Printmaking, Algebra and Figure Drawing.

 I've been heinously remiss in posting all the nuggets I want to, so I just threw together this little thing that shows the process of me figuring out how to paint what I want to paint. (I love process talk, don't you?)


11 x 14"

Kinda fun, yeah? Well it was, and it wasn' usual :) But now that it's been what, a month since I painted it, going back through the photos and reliving the discovery and happy accident process part of it is pretty fun.

I am renewing my vows: to give myself more credit for that ol' intuitive process, and paint (draw, etc) what I love. Or maybe more importantly....paint and draw how I love to paint and draw.

Our latest homework assignment in figure drawing is to draw a foot. Not just any foot. Your own foot. I did that this afternoon. Boring. Why? Because I am trying to draw how I think I should draw - and I'm also trying to learn how to draw 'mass' instead of 'line'. Okay that's all fine, it'll be useful. But the kicker is that I am also sacrificing my own personal style. I need to figure out a way to marry the two processes.

The upshot is that my drawing this afternoon lacked the zest (and the wonkiness that usually accompanies said zest) of other stuff I do. I know it's inevitable, not everything can be bangin'. The quick ballpoint pen studies of my left foot that I scrawled out last night are far more interesting to look at.

Aaaanyway, short and sweet tonight, I aim to post another process piece soon.

Here's my latest personal project spawned from printmaking class, and good night.