Monday, February 26, 2007

on the move

I figure I can just say hi to everyone, in one fell swoop, if I do it here since I've been going on all eights the last week or so. Just jammin'!! Doing relocation stuff, and also helping a friend do the same today.

I went up to my new place tonight after helping Chick move. It was raining, and windy. There are some talking bamboo windchimes hanging out by my apartment. Or maybe it's the rain falling? And another set of windchimes. And the wind in the trees.

That's pretty much it. I am in heaven.

The new place comes with its own set of sounds of course - every time I open the front door, there is a vacuum lock that's unsealed or something. The air pressure change causes a fan up inside a vent (either above the stove, or in the ceiling of the bathroom I think) to suck and bump and do a small clang. It's kinda cool. The rain sounds different on the rooftops there too.

I think tomorrow I will trek up there again and put together the new furniture I bought - kitchen and livingroom stuff (It's time to turn over a few several new leaves!). The new futon will be delivered tuesday night - which is my birthday! Jacque and Marsha are taking me out to eat. Oh yey! Maybe I'll take along my digicam and set it to video, record the show for y'all. Shoji's is one of those places where they cook the food right in front of ya....hoo!!

Dang, life is just on cruise right now.

Even though I am EXHAUSTED :-)

Hope everyone's doing good in your little corners of the earth.

Oh yeah! Pictures forthcoming!

**as a side note....I think that sleeping less is like weaning yourself off sugar. It really hurts, and sucks, for several days. You feel like shit. But then it's like...I could live without this, no problem, I feel GREAT!!


Thursday, February 22, 2007

movin' on up

My keyring houses two new keys. To my new apartment. YES! Signed the papers this afternoon. I'm actually putting down roots in another patch of grass. It'll be a couple weeks or so. No more cigarette reek in my apartment from the downstairs Eva. No more incessant downstairs Eva television. No more next door neighbors on both sides and the other one downstairs blasting mexican music.

I'll miss this place a LOT. Everything but the traffic and the other shit.

The apartment is up in Eugene's south hills, and is also right next to a BIG-ASS BUTTE! ha haaa! Lots of hiking and also mountain biking trails. Me so happy. And it's right on the bus line. But it is so QUIET.

Gotta make this one short - here's from last monday at art night. These two prints are pretty bigger than 3.5" any which way. I have filled up my other art journal with prints and started on a new one with this nice buttery paper. Schweet!

Tongue in Cheek volume 3 is hott off the press too!

And a piece of cake for Haddock.

Friday, February 16, 2007

ripping 'em right and left

I'd like to remind or inform all you creative geeks out there that I'm doing my own Hourly Comic Day! Drop me a line if you'd like to join in. I plan on doing it every first day of the month. Says she with high hopes.

Burp That Baby!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


...Jackson. Mood swing I can't let you in, you bring me up you bring me I'm not listening to that. It's been Filter and King Black Acid. But mood swings GAlore!

So what's new.

I blasted my stereo though. No one else around here seems to give a flying rat's ass how much noise everyone makes, so. I was in the mood for volume.

I went for a bike ride yesterday! Sunny and warm out and I felt bold and restless. I just had to not think about how bad it would hurt if I fell or had to steer suddenly - my wrist would've protested. And loudly. As it was, it just ached the whole ride, but definitely worth it and definitely bearable. What a gorgeous day.

The dentist recommends one of those electric toothbrushes, to help get this periodontal disease under control. Okay, sure. I'll start a trust fund for that one. BUT, no cavities! So I must be doing something right. God knows, between cleaning my teeth properly and taking care of my wrist, it's an investment. I mean really...I probably spend an hour and a half a day total on just those two things. Of course, I also watch things like Blue Man Group and Purple and Brown while I twist my wrist and floss and brush. And of course there is, as ever, Daily Monster. Soon to be weekly.

Made a piece of cake for Haddock. Then did a little carving and printing tonight. Now it's off for a shower and maybe another Tongue In Cheek.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

more bodily function humor



I started watching A Scanner Darkly last night. I'm doing the bite-sized chunk cinema. There is so much going on in this film, it will most likely merit multiple viewings. I'm so busy studying the animation technique that following the actual story (as convoluted and mind-bending as it surely is) is nearly impossible for me. It's a gorgeous piece of mind-blow.

Also just finished a spectacular graphic novel, 'further grickle' by graham annable. You can grickle here. Which is what I plan on doing next, after I stop by and ragni.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

groove is in the heart

Who is living in the Twilight Zone, raise your hand!

Yes, I see I am in good company. At least there are drawing tools and paper here. And I see some of us still retain our sense of humor. Isn't that lovely?

God! I feel like I am in survival mode, kicked up a notch or two. My existential crisis meter is off the map. IS mercury in retrograde? We're not even dodging bullets or bombs here. I think it's something else going on....

So I'm drawing. Here are a couple more panels for Tongue in Cheek:

Dang! Ran out of headroom again!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

tweye light

Oy! It rains again, finally! Was feeling very parched, the land, it dried and crack'd.


I'm glad it's raining. It was entirely too sunny *dodges tomatoes*. I mean it was great for kicking sack, don't get me wrong! It was a softer sun when we were out in it though. The hard sunlight is just not doing me right lately. I need to be bunked down under some cloud cover.

Which reminds me of a snippet of an article I read in latest issue of New York, though I can't remember the artists they were writing about. But, they rent a room in a hotel, say, and Hamster. Meaning, shred whatever paper they can find, rip up lots of volumes of the telephone book, just shred shred and shred. And then take drugs, ecstacy, coke, whatever, and get all giddy and make and feel like Hamsters in their nests. Ooh sounds lovely. Except for the come down part.

Nope not for me.

Serious time warp issues lately, folks! I mean seriously serious. I dunno what is going on. More odd than usual. I lost two hours this morning, and I woke up early so I would feel relaxed before going in to work. Was I abducted?

Here's the front and back cover, respectively, for my new little zine endeavor, which I copied off today:

(uummmmmm.....the above actually looks like one of my nephews - how strange is that?! specially considering I've not seen him for, years?? for one thing, my teeth are smaller than this. these.)

And here is a new panel for the next volume. I am wondering if I can fill up another volume. We will see.

yeah, I thought that dog incident would fit nicely in here.

Now it is time for PT. My healing wrist and I bend you good night!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

artsy fartsy

Art night with the girls last night! woo yeah!

I am so gonna miss Kendra. She's leaving for Germany in early April, for five months. She may move there. I bet she will. She's ready for a newness. I love art night. Marsha knitted, Jacque worked on a big bust (head sculpture, that is), Kendra decoupage'd light switch covers (to dress the place up when she rents it out while she's away), Charley brought her sumi-e and (among other things) painted Josie.

Agh! It's sprinkling and my laundry is on the line outside! Here's what I worked on, I gotta go pull in clothes!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007


I just made a blog for the group I hope to gather for Hourly Comic Day, monthly style! Since we need to use Google (gmail) accounts, and since you need an invitation to get a Gmail acount...I logged into my existing, and sent myself an invite at another address! YESSS! I love me!

Day's Worth.

I had to try and find a URL that wasn't taken and I tried several and then I plugged in 'burpingbabies' and it was available. Well, hey.

right on track

So, to continue the storyline from yesterday's set of drawings:

I am having a way lot of fun over here. I think you can totally see the influence of Maurice Sendak, especially in this one and the one where I am 'teeth and spooning' my breakfast. Let me find a photo of In The Night Kitchen - it's been a long time since I read that...okay no good photos that I could find. But either Mickey or Max from Where the Wild Things Are have this expression of glee, in being naughty. I love those books. Little hell-raisers.

We had such an ace time today! Totally kicked ass at footbag! Marsha played with us this time. You rock, Marsha! I didn't partake of breakfast, so I missed the gravy, but we got a diff'rent kind of gravy in the laughing and kicking sack in the warm afternoon. Oh I shall post a picture of Josie too, here you go:

oh my god! is she not the cutest, sweetest??

I promised Jacque I would not post the picture of her, and I won't, but I will tell you that she figured out a way to make really good foamy mile-high foam for the lattes and they took a picture of them to show me, since I wasn't at breakfast. Jacque made me a latte after I arrived, and while the foam wasn't AS high, it was still mountainous, and the latte was EXCELLENT. Lip-smackin' good, baby!!

I am still thinking about Hourly Comic Day. Such a great time. I'm going to get a group together, I hope, who would like to do this more often than just once a year. We can share a blogspot and post our comics...once a month, maybe? Give me a shout if you're interested! I really like going to the forum and seeing other people's illustrated days. We're all so similar. I don't feel so lonely but really, it's such a comfort, and a riot - and I don't feel UNcomfortably homogenized either, just for the fact that we all share so many weird things in common. It's very humanizing, the HCD experience.

It's, like, totally zen.

I'm going to oooohhhhhhhmmmmmmmm my way into physical therapy, now.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

tongue in cheek

I woke up thinking of this. we say we 'eyeball' something, or 'brainstorm'...only different. I'll be adding more as I go along, maybe tonight...


...euw! I just thought of something else! Like how people are now saying, "I Heart__________" instead of "I love". Well this was still my idea, dammit. And I must say I do amuse myself.

I still think I'm fighting a bug of some sort. Bleargh. Still, I went for a walk earlier and thought of some more ideas for this tongue in cheek thing.

Friday, February 02, 2007

more germs?

I dunno....I feel kinda crummy tonight. That telltale headachey body-achey feeling. I could just be way tired and stuff, or...I could be coming down with another fucking bug. Earlier I was more neutral about it. Now I'm feeling bummed. Ah well hell. I got lots of soup in the freezer, from the last batch I made, and an extra day off for my weekend. I hope I sleep in late tomorrow! And then I'll get up and read more Hourly Comic Day Comics! Yeah!

I tried drawing myself feeling nonplussed and bummed. Here is what happened first:


And then, here - I look more...pensive but like I am looking forward to something (yeah..wiping snot off my nose and fending off a headache, yeah...that might be fun...)!

And now, I look more like a monkey but with a definite downturn:

This is the photo I was working from. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to define and capture more of the expression. It's fun, but sometimes maddening, trying to figure out just what makes an expression really tick and pop!

I saw that there is a scheduled outage for Blogger tomorrow at 11am. Who knows how long it'll be down? So I thought I'd better sketch some things real quick and post, to get my fix in.

I bid you all good night.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Long Live Clan Cake!

For Haddock, who is one of my favorite artists. And you know the saga, if you've been following the saga. He's still sending me brilliance! I just need to update my other blogs....oh, soon.

In the meantime, I did this thing called Hourly Comic today. I posted to the BFFA Forum. You can see other artist's hourly comics there, too. For each hour we're awake, we make a comic about something that happened during that hour. Of course, I also made my own Hourly Comical Blog.

I must do physical therapy and get myself to BED.