Monday, February 26, 2007

on the move

I figure I can just say hi to everyone, in one fell swoop, if I do it here since I've been going on all eights the last week or so. Just jammin'!! Doing relocation stuff, and also helping a friend do the same today.

I went up to my new place tonight after helping Chick move. It was raining, and windy. There are some talking bamboo windchimes hanging out by my apartment. Or maybe it's the rain falling? And another set of windchimes. And the wind in the trees.

That's pretty much it. I am in heaven.

The new place comes with its own set of sounds of course - every time I open the front door, there is a vacuum lock that's unsealed or something. The air pressure change causes a fan up inside a vent (either above the stove, or in the ceiling of the bathroom I think) to suck and bump and do a small clang. It's kinda cool. The rain sounds different on the rooftops there too.

I think tomorrow I will trek up there again and put together the new furniture I bought - kitchen and livingroom stuff (It's time to turn over a few several new leaves!). The new futon will be delivered tuesday night - which is my birthday! Jacque and Marsha are taking me out to eat. Oh yey! Maybe I'll take along my digicam and set it to video, record the show for y'all. Shoji's is one of those places where they cook the food right in front of ya....hoo!!

Dang, life is just on cruise right now.

Even though I am EXHAUSTED :-)

Hope everyone's doing good in your little corners of the earth.

Oh yeah! Pictures forthcoming!

**as a side note....I think that sleeping less is like weaning yourself off sugar. It really hurts, and sucks, for several days. You feel like shit. But then it's like...I could live without this, no problem, I feel GREAT!!


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Etayne said...

Oh! Hey! I'm so happy for you! It's neat to get a new place, isn't it? And a huge pain to move all one's stuff. ::;giggle:: I think about you a lot. And sending you good moving vibes.
Can you send me your new address?
There might be surprises coming for you...
On a sadder note: Fiona nibbled on the green muse.
Oh, I was not happy. Sigh.
::waving::: Take care, girl!