Thursday, February 08, 2007

tweye light

Oy! It rains again, finally! Was feeling very parched, the land, it dried and crack'd.


I'm glad it's raining. It was entirely too sunny *dodges tomatoes*. I mean it was great for kicking sack, don't get me wrong! It was a softer sun when we were out in it though. The hard sunlight is just not doing me right lately. I need to be bunked down under some cloud cover.

Which reminds me of a snippet of an article I read in latest issue of New York, though I can't remember the artists they were writing about. But, they rent a room in a hotel, say, and Hamster. Meaning, shred whatever paper they can find, rip up lots of volumes of the telephone book, just shred shred and shred. And then take drugs, ecstacy, coke, whatever, and get all giddy and make and feel like Hamsters in their nests. Ooh sounds lovely. Except for the come down part.

Nope not for me.

Serious time warp issues lately, folks! I mean seriously serious. I dunno what is going on. More odd than usual. I lost two hours this morning, and I woke up early so I would feel relaxed before going in to work. Was I abducted?

Here's the front and back cover, respectively, for my new little zine endeavor, which I copied off today:

(uummmmmm.....the above actually looks like one of my nephews - how strange is that?! specially considering I've not seen him for, years?? for one thing, my teeth are smaller than this. these.)

And here is a new panel for the next volume. I am wondering if I can fill up another volume. We will see.

yeah, I thought that dog incident would fit nicely in here.

Now it is time for PT. My healing wrist and I bend you good night!

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