Thursday, February 22, 2007

movin' on up

My keyring houses two new keys. To my new apartment. YES! Signed the papers this afternoon. I'm actually putting down roots in another patch of grass. It'll be a couple weeks or so. No more cigarette reek in my apartment from the downstairs Eva. No more incessant downstairs Eva television. No more next door neighbors on both sides and the other one downstairs blasting mexican music.

I'll miss this place a LOT. Everything but the traffic and the other shit.

The apartment is up in Eugene's south hills, and is also right next to a BIG-ASS BUTTE! ha haaa! Lots of hiking and also mountain biking trails. Me so happy. And it's right on the bus line. But it is so QUIET.

Gotta make this one short - here's from last monday at art night. These two prints are pretty bigger than 3.5" any which way. I have filled up my other art journal with prints and started on a new one with this nice buttery paper. Schweet!

Tongue in Cheek volume 3 is hott off the press too!

And a piece of cake for Haddock.


frogstar said...

congratulations on the new pad, vicstar!
photos please.

ellipsisigh said...

What's your new address? I'm so happy you escaped the loud neighbor...and by the way...Happy Birthday...