Tuesday, February 13, 2007


...Jackson. Mood swing I can't let you in, you bring me up you bring me down..no I'm not listening to that. It's been Filter and King Black Acid. But mood swings GAlore!

So what's new.

I blasted my stereo though. No one else around here seems to give a flying rat's ass how much noise everyone makes, so. I was in the mood for volume.

I went for a bike ride yesterday! Sunny and warm out and I felt bold and restless. I just had to not think about how bad it would hurt if I fell or had to steer suddenly - my wrist would've protested. And loudly. As it was, it just ached the whole ride, but definitely worth it and definitely bearable. What a gorgeous day.

The dentist recommends one of those electric toothbrushes, to help get this periodontal disease under control. Okay, sure. I'll start a trust fund for that one. BUT, no cavities! So I must be doing something right. God knows, between cleaning my teeth properly and taking care of my wrist, it's an investment. I mean really...I probably spend an hour and a half a day total on just those two things. Of course, I also watch things like Blue Man Group and Purple and Brown while I twist my wrist and floss and brush. And of course there is, as ever, Daily Monster. Soon to be weekly.

Made a piece of cake for Haddock. Then did a little carving and printing tonight. Now it's off for a shower and maybe another Tongue In Cheek.


Issi said...

Happy Valentines Day :o)))
Viki, did you receive my letter?

V.K. said...

hi Issi! Happy V Day to you, too. No, I didn't receive a letter :-( I hope it's not lost...maybe it's too late to hope that.

Etayne said...

Happy Valentines'Day, Victoria!
I hope your mood swings are on the up and up.
I'm happy you're gonna doodle in my little doodle journal!
Sending you hugs and a V-day smooch!

Issi said...

oh oh I sent 22 or 23 january....the letter fly fly ...the women from my post office didnt put "air mail" she was forget...

frogstar said...

a late v-day snog for ya

V.K. said...

the best!!!