Sunday, February 04, 2007

right on track

So, to continue the storyline from yesterday's set of drawings:

I am having a way lot of fun over here. I think you can totally see the influence of Maurice Sendak, especially in this one and the one where I am 'teeth and spooning' my breakfast. Let me find a photo of In The Night Kitchen - it's been a long time since I read that...okay no good photos that I could find. But either Mickey or Max from Where the Wild Things Are have this expression of glee, in being naughty. I love those books. Little hell-raisers.

We had such an ace time today! Totally kicked ass at footbag! Marsha played with us this time. You rock, Marsha! I didn't partake of breakfast, so I missed the gravy, but we got a diff'rent kind of gravy in the laughing and kicking sack in the warm afternoon. Oh I shall post a picture of Josie too, here you go:

oh my god! is she not the cutest, sweetest??

I promised Jacque I would not post the picture of her, and I won't, but I will tell you that she figured out a way to make really good foamy mile-high foam for the lattes and they took a picture of them to show me, since I wasn't at breakfast. Jacque made me a latte after I arrived, and while the foam wasn't AS high, it was still mountainous, and the latte was EXCELLENT. Lip-smackin' good, baby!!

I am still thinking about Hourly Comic Day. Such a great time. I'm going to get a group together, I hope, who would like to do this more often than just once a year. We can share a blogspot and post our comics...once a month, maybe? Give me a shout if you're interested! I really like going to the forum and seeing other people's illustrated days. We're all so similar. I don't feel so lonely but really, it's such a comfort, and a riot - and I don't feel UNcomfortably homogenized either, just for the fact that we all share so many weird things in common. It's very humanizing, the HCD experience.

It's, like, totally zen.

I'm going to oooohhhhhhhmmmmmmmm my way into physical therapy, now.

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