Friday, February 02, 2007

more germs?

I dunno....I feel kinda crummy tonight. That telltale headachey body-achey feeling. I could just be way tired and stuff, or...I could be coming down with another fucking bug. Earlier I was more neutral about it. Now I'm feeling bummed. Ah well hell. I got lots of soup in the freezer, from the last batch I made, and an extra day off for my weekend. I hope I sleep in late tomorrow! And then I'll get up and read more Hourly Comic Day Comics! Yeah!

I tried drawing myself feeling nonplussed and bummed. Here is what happened first:


And then, here - I look more...pensive but like I am looking forward to something (yeah..wiping snot off my nose and fending off a headache, yeah...that might be fun...)!

And now, I look more like a monkey but with a definite downturn:

This is the photo I was working from. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to define and capture more of the expression. It's fun, but sometimes maddening, trying to figure out just what makes an expression really tick and pop!

I saw that there is a scheduled outage for Blogger tomorrow at 11am. Who knows how long it'll be down? So I thought I'd better sketch some things real quick and post, to get my fix in.

I bid you all good night.


Etayne said...

Well, I kinda like the monkey one.
You are cute, you know.

V.K. said...

aw shucks!

actually...I like the monkey one, too :-)

thanks for sayin' hi, girl! crazy, you must've heard me thinking about you...

Penny said...

It's the dimples!!! :D