Tuesday, February 06, 2007

artsy fartsy

Art night with the girls last night! woo yeah!

I am so gonna miss Kendra. She's leaving for Germany in early April, for five months. She may move there. I bet she will. She's ready for a newness. I love art night. Marsha knitted, Jacque worked on a big bust (head sculpture, that is), Kendra decoupage'd light switch covers (to dress the place up when she rents it out while she's away), Charley brought her sumi-e and (among other things) painted Josie.

Agh! It's sprinkling and my laundry is on the line outside! Here's what I worked on, I gotta go pull in clothes!!


Jax said...

yeah . . . send it in to the weekly

V.K. said...


I dunno, it might not be fun anymore if I have a real deadline...but then again...