Thursday, February 01, 2007

Long Live Clan Cake!

For Haddock, who is one of my favorite artists. And you know the saga, if you've been following the saga. He's still sending me brilliance! I just need to update my other blogs....oh, soon.

In the meantime, I did this thing called Hourly Comic today. I posted to the BFFA Forum. You can see other artist's hourly comics there, too. For each hour we're awake, we make a comic about something that happened during that hour. Of course, I also made my own Hourly Comical Blog.

I must do physical therapy and get myself to BED.


bee said...

The hourly comics are awesome! The cactus and the cow skull on the dry shins is killer! And the ILL desk. The other people's comics are fantastic as well. What great stuff everyone did. I am loving looking at these. Thanks so much for telling me about this Vee!

V.K. said...

schweeet! thanks bee! I know, everyone who drew for HCD is so brilliant. I love reading 'em too. It's like a big feast! I'm trying to save some for saturday morning 'toons :-)