Saturday, August 15, 2009

mi casa

Hey, that sunflower I bought as a prepubescent has grown up and has begun to bloom, just in time for my brother Christopher's birthday. He woulda been 48 tomorrow. Sunflowers = his fave. Aw man, happy birthday.

Here's a slice o' the back yard. Edibles and non-edibles, co-existing in harmony.

Here is where I live. It is a cozy little casa and I love it here. Two full rooms and a watercloset that's not claustrophobic. It's great....just enough room, and not too much to clean.

I live in the little bit on the right, it's attached to Joan's house who occupies it with her cat who is a calico and looks permanently pissed off. I think it's just the way her fur grows over her eyes though.
Joan is on vacation. When the cat's crack open that bottle of wine tonight....


Anonymous said...

Like your blue house!..of the little experience with calico cats that I've had...they are generally catty...if you know what I mean...


V.K. said...

hey Adamandiaaaa!

That's nice it looks blue; it's really a slate-blue....umm....more to the slate-colored side, which I don't understand. The sky being slate-colored for six months of the year and all (there are an alarming number of houses painted shades of grey here). But's a sweet house yeah!

and yes, I think I know what you mean about calico-cattiness :)