Sunday, March 04, 2007

one fish two bikes

March Hourly Comic Day was a success! Why? Because:

I did it.
Wrick did it.
'Lillies did it!
I'm pretty sure we all enjoyed ourselves.

You can check it out, just burp that baby!

And come play with us next month!

I will be glad when all this moving business is over. I'm in bardo. And I've got one leg up in bed *yawn*. Didn't know that bardo could be so damn busy.....


Etayne said...

I enjoyed the hourly comics! They are very fun to look at. Almost makes me want to try it. we'll see what next month brings, eh?
How's it going with packing up stuff?

Tony LaRocca said...

Is it a tandem bike for fish?
I'd like to see that in a movie!

Penny said...

I hear your movin' blues, V. I think I'm in bardo too! *hugs* ~P.~

V.K. said...

hey peoples! thanks for sayin' hi and sympathizing and giving me million-dollar ideas for the next stop-motion film!!

my new place is gonna be kick-ass..we are making friends now. By saturday night I hope to be all moved in. Whoopah!