Tuesday, March 27, 2007

wild ones

This is who wandered in front of my window yesterday morning:

Turkeys are big birds!!! They do their gobbling turkey sound in the mornings. It's pretty hilarious. I used the zoom lens, so it looks like I'm right on top of the gobbler but I'm actually some lots of feet back. I spooked the bird, that is why it's making a more-or-less mad dash. You can see the bus stop, and my car (the teal one). I'm close to the road but there's not much traffic, and I've never heard any screeching brake sounds, like someone's avoiding running over a wild turkey.

Things are settling in here quite nicely. Whew. I biked up the hill today. Had a physical therapy appointment this afternoon, so I changed out the brakes front and back, and headed down into town. I pretty much granny geared it all the way back up (I guess it's at least a mile uphill but it's not SUPER super steep) (pant pant pant). But I made it! And at my more or less snail's pace, it was only a thirty minute trip from deep into down town (such as it is here....we're pretty non-metropolitan although Eugene boasts about 140,000 people in the city limits).

I asked my neighbor Martha if I could park my bike by her back door, you can see the side of her back door in the first picture above. She offered her front door, which is covered. I could bring my bike in through the apartment (dripping wet) and to the back porch but......yick. She was really sweet. I feel so relieved. My bike will be safe, and I don't have to wrastle it in and out. NICE!!

Aaand, I actually did some art this evening! A long overdue project which I initiated .....geh. Last summer!! We did some doodles and passed 'em around for each other to finish. Here is a before and after of Paulette Gill's ink marks made with a stick:

I've been listening to a loop of Danny Elfman for the last hour and a half...more or less......because Andry Snak has set it to be background on his fantastic site. I learned about him through the Drawn! illo blog. Mr. Snak is nutritious and delicious, I think you should go there right now and get a couple servings.

Gee...I wonder where I got some of the inspiration for the seahorsey.....this monoprint is the creation of my friend Jacque...sorry it's a pretty bad picture but if I use the flash everything looks pasty, austere, and clinical when really my place is all about the glow:

Is. She. Not. Awesome????

Art aisle is off to the left there, in front of the living room window.


frogstar said...

oh, your home looks so homely!
i'd bring apple crumble and chai around if i could.

V.K. said...


I know you would and I would do the same if the ocean didn't come between us, luv.

I really need to take a better pic of Jacque's cool print.

frogstar said...

oh yes, please do, i want to see it up close

V.K. said...

I shall! When there is some better light in here...for heaven's sake...