Thursday, March 08, 2007

Finals Week

'Tis, truly. Went for a final walk up and down the butte behind the apartment, and through the park this weekend. Said goodbye to the folks at the post office and told them what a great job they've done. Went to Jerry's (home improvement) for the last time (probably - most likely) and picked up a fatigue mat. Why? It was only six dollars and a Cutting Mat from JoAnn Fabrics for that size would cost $40. I even tried it out in the store...asked a worker to please cut something with a box knife on the surface of the mat to see if it would shred...nope. Score! Bought my final Burrito Boy sausage breakfast burrito. The weather was gorgeous, then turned rainy, and then for the last two days it's been dry so I went for my final bike rides in to work - perfect.

Here is my final Mr. Cake card to be mailed from this here address:

On monday, I had a visitor:

I wonder what is in there that was so attractive to this butterfly??

I'm pretty well packed up. And I may be offline for a few days. If there isn't a free wireless internet connection I can leech off in the new apartment building, they won't be hooking me back up until monday. We will see.

Time to do PT and get to bed. Gee I sound like a broken record. I can hardly believe that the cast's been off for TWO MONTHS! Damn!



Penny said...

Good luck with your move, V! May it be smooooooooooth as milk! ;) *hugs* P ;)

V.K. said...

thank youuuuuuuu!!!

frogstar said...


Rrramone said...

nighters to you! and i like your card. ;-)

V.K. said...

I'm back live online! And moved in. And exhausted. Thanks for the words, folks. Posting soon.