Thursday, March 29, 2007

the shadow knows

Were those turkeys a figment of my imagination? I haven't heard OR seen any in a couple days...maybe they migrate to the other side of the butte.

If I end up staying on here for some months and think I'll stay on well past those some months I think I will seriously consider asking the owner if he would either install front and back doors with glass, paid for by him (a long shot, I know, but ever hopeful me...) or paid for by me and take it off my rent (again, with the hopefulls) or if he'd consent to me putting them in and they didn't cost too much (I've got hope in spades!!) I'd buy them for my light-starved sanity's sake.

My morning routine used to be:

open the bedroom curtains (okay, I do that here too)
stumble into the kitchen, roll up the bamboo blind that covered the double sliding glass door
stumble into the living room and uncurtain the window (okay, I do that here too)

I am really missing the double sliding glass door, but I am getting used to the new routine which is, after opening the bedroom curtains and looking out into trees and more trees with birds singing galore-iously

stumbling into the kitchen and flipping on lights
then to the living room and doing the same
and on over into the front 'foyer' to illuminate that corner too

Okay, I'm good at establishing my own routines!

And doing more art is really helping a lot. I did these last night but was too late to post. This first is another extrapolated doodle, from perfectlynormal over at Nervousness. Unfortunately I neglected to take a picture of the doodle before I did more doodling, and this one I actually started before I moved:

Perfectly Normal seems an apt title for this 'un, eh?

And here is the first slice of Cake served up from the new locale!

In closing, a brief public wishing of wellness and beauty for Frogstar who is moving to the other big island, Australia! Bon voyage, sweet cheeks!

And a good night to the rest of you lot.


frogstar said...

thank you so much for that!

V.K. said...

mai oui, ma cher - have you achieved liftoff status yet?

frogstar said...

i am lifted off and landed, on my feet i think...
life is very different here and very large and loud and lonesome. but it'll get better. soon i'll have an address again and i'll be back to n'ness requesting mail. ;-)

V.K. said...

Wow, big big move for you froggy. Hang in there. Sending you big love buns :-)