Wednesday, May 16, 2007

hi. hi there. hell. oh.

ooog I'm waiting for my brain and eyes to start working in concert, feeling all sortsa discombobulated trying to draw. I deliberately drew this one fast with hardly any corrections. I need to do more of this.

using some acrylic and markers...

I was really hoping for another eighty degree weekend, but it didn't arrive. And for some reason, mid sixties didn't warm me up. So, after drinking my smoothie today, I checked the mail (art in mail!) and then read it (and Squee) in my CAR where it is BAKING HOT. Finally, I warmed up.

I haven't droven my car for uh....hmmmm....well it's been weeks. You would think with fuel prices nearing $4.00 a gallon, people would cut back on their driving. Where do they get all that money to drive around all the time?? It's weird.

time to catch that bus to work for me I go!


Zhenia said...

Geezus! I love the first piece in this post. I'm gradually working my way towards taking some time off from the great swap race to do some me art. I wanna draw like you.

It's been freezing here in Toronto. I've been sleeping with a space heater on and it's May.

V.K. said...

yeargh!!!! It's not as cold as all that here but I am so on the sympathy wagon with you. I need some freakin' SUMMER ALREADY!! Hope you warm up soon, Z.

Thanks for the lovely thumbs up.

Do not forget...that paper and pen and watercolor types do a picture help make! (plus the picture is kinda dark making it a little more glowey...which is kinda nice)

Hope you get some you-art time soon too.