Tuesday, May 08, 2007

insensitive speck

ahah! ha ha ha!

I found another book today - this time, it was FREE! That is right. Apparently, tuesdays are 'leave the bins for St. Vincent's on the dock' day. St. V's is a thrift store and the bins are full of rejected donations from the populace who give books and print items to us for the annual book sale. St. Vinnie's is where I bought the german/english dictionary. So now, it's like I got two for the price of one. Plus the thrill of doing something technically illegal.

I like this!

All of this!

I'm gonna go find a mail art recipient for it.


Anne said...

Ahhahaaa! "Keep your x-ray vision to yourself"-- I'm dying, here! This is fuckin' hilarious! You're one of a kind, VK.

V.K. said...

hee. thanks for the appreciations, Anne. Sometimes things just happen - you know how that creative process works, huh! Crazy! I like your new icon picture a lot.