Saturday, May 19, 2007

greetings from the alps

'Homeland Security'....I think that's what the name of this mini-series is. It may just be a mini-series of two panels.

I don't know why but this is titled Estonia:

A slow day today. An extra day off, as I need to use up some banked holiday time before our fiscal year ends on June 30. Nice! If I lived in Hawai'i I probably couldn't afford to work half-time. Unless I figure out how to sell some art on a regular basis. And raise my confidence level to do that. Which just means keep practicing and drawing and painting, Victoria!

Yeah....still having this big nostalgia for San Diego. I think I would not like to live there now, so why not Hawai'i? I long to be warm year-round, to go barefoot, and to swim in an ocean that is not frigid. And I dare say I wouldn't miss the seasons, such as they are, around here. But, how do I know? Maybe I would. Maybe I would miss a lot of things. And people..of course...but I am so ready for some steady warm weather. This winter seemed so long to me and when I think of next winter and getting through another one, I just want to cry. And it's months away!

So maybe by next autumn I'll be feeling differently.

I hope so.

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