Saturday, May 12, 2007

that's a wrap

....this critter knows where to find single socks!

I'll mail it to a bloke in Germany who wants to trade some art, and his mail art call is about socks.

Today was very cool, almost chilly, and the sky was low and grey. Up here, it was misty and the foghorns were mooing (not really, that is just for atmosphere). I was determined to carry on with the summer spirit, and so I wore shorts. Rode to the Big Market on my laden bike after work (already had groceries from next door to library market Kiva)...splurged and bought some good chicken and some sausage for my brekkie tomorrow (the girls are at the coast for mother's day so I am flying solo). Near the checkout, a guy walked by carrying two artichokes, one in each hand. They were still attached to their trunklike stems and that is what he held them by. I wanted to give him a Carmen Miranda fruit hat and ask him to mambo.

Today's german-english dictionary page offering:


That's one word underneath the means 'advertisement'. Okay well actually, it's a similar word -- I didn't copy it down directly before I painted over it, so I referenced my other german english dictionary for the german definition. The dictionary I am altering is for colloquialisms; the one I am not is a basic no-nonsense very straightforward by the book dictionary.

The painting is based on a picture from Interview magazine, for some hoity-toity clothing line that I can't recall or probably even pronounce. I like the high contrast though...the leather clothese aren't bad either.

I think I'm gonna call it a day, catch up on some sleep maybe - my weekend has officially begun, hoo ray! And, it is supposed to be in the 70s and sunny by monday. HOO RAY.


frogstar said...

you're into leather?

Anne said...

May I please borrow the single-sock-finder? I'll give him right back, I swear....

V.K. said...

...well frog, as much as I can be without actually owning any of it :) But um...well you know, you go to all those play parties..heh...

anne, I will send him right over :^)