Monday, May 21, 2007

day's end

Printed on Stonehenge, 5x7". I sketched this out last week over the course of a couple days, and then did a little tweaking today, and carved it this evening. There are some things going on in here that I'm liking...I'm learning stuff!

There are of course things I see that I would like to change. I am still getting the hang of the high contrast light shadow thing. Kathe Kollwitz is a good one to study for prints like that. Wow is she amazing!

But, I like seeing that all my net surfing and ogling art day after day and doing art day after day is producing some skillz. It's so cool to see how the coordination develops when you exercise it.

Placing shadows where they make sense to produce a desired effect is truly an art. I hope to keep learning how to make strides in that department....I am so fascinated by creating depth and perspective on a two-dimensional surface.

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