Tuesday, May 29, 2007

it is still today

Hear ye, hear ye! I opened up shop over at Etsy, finally. Yup. I git thar, in mah own sweet time. And I updated more on CafePress....or was that yesterday?

Anyway, here's Simian Says at Etsy. So g'wan over and check it out, if yer so inclined. I like Etsy because you can see how many times an item you're selling has been viewed. On the other hand...you can see how many times it's not been purchased :)

Hey but at this point I'm just clapping myself on the back for getting my stuff out there, and I think it's pretty damn cool that self-publishing and selling on the internet is so accessable nowadays. I also submitted to Thumbtack press. Just to get in the habit of it, ya know.

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