Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Okay, well. Hmmmmm.....I like some things about this a lot, and some things, eh - I just gotta keep practicing. Instead of filling the center with shadows I thought...it'll be a place of warmth instead.

It's 2 o'clock here in alpine country and the sun is blazing glory. So I think for my sanity's sake I will get on out there. What I really need to do is buy some shirts for the summer. Last year's are a wee bit too small. I do not really relish the shopping experience. What I really want are clothes that are functional, no frills. I want some plain cotton t-shirts.

You think it would be easy, right?


Most of women's shirts are cut so weird.

I really need some shirts though, so I am going to ride into town (car is still dead and I suspended all insurance except for the minimum comprehensive in case that tree does decide to fall on it) and see if Old Navy has any sales going on. If I found some shirts I think I'd just buy four or five in different colors, and that is my summer wardrobe. I have no problem wearing the same clothes week after week. After week.

Keepin' it simple.


Anne said...

What a great drawing, what a great title. I love that it's warm at the core. Your intuition is fucking spot-on. And your eye is keen.

V.K. said...

hey....girl, thanks. I am feeling so fucking inept right now. You know how it goes. Ebb and flow. I'm ebbing. Looking forward to the next flow. Hope you're in your groove over there!!

Anne said...

Seems to me you've had quite a flow recently, so ebbing will give you time to rest. You can't be flowing ALL the time or you'd bleed out and the wind would blow your desiccated carcass across the valley, over the hills, and into the sea....

(::laughing:: word verification this time = 'urptd')