Sunday, May 27, 2007


play play play

What do you think it is? What do you want it to be?


Anne said...

Why, the right side of your thigh down to your foot, of course.... either that, or a grazing burn-victim camel....

V.K. said...

oh gawd oh gaaaawd - you are mercilessly funny!

I'm so glad I captured the essence of camel.

I was just gonna come on over to YOUR bloggy and say hi!

Anne said...

Hey, I saw that, thanks. I don't usually reply to comments on my own blog ('cause there haven't been many, for one!)-- I'm more likely to mosey on over to YOUR blog to comment back.

On second viewing of the leg & foot drawing, it could also be a Brontosaurus loose in your living room. Hope he didn't leave you any 'gifts' on the carpet....

In re: to your blog comment, do you think it's early mid-life crisis? -Questioning existence & all that? Although that's not unusual behavior for me. Oh no: stop me before I have a 'spiritual awakening'...! I'm invoking artistic energies this weekend, as I work on a physical project (a letter of sorts) and realize how rusty and unskilled I am with pens and paper.

V.K. said...

....bronto...saurus...hee hee.

I dunno, Anne. The early/mid-life crisis is plausible. I'm no stranger to all this either....questioning, spiraling, and frankly, feeling depressed. I understand why people self-medicate (with food, tv, behavior, whatever)!! Wish I had some answers. For now, I'm just trying to ride it out and hope it passes because I honestly do not know why the hell I feel so bad.

I think you are on the right track! Doing a physical project - good deal. I think physical activity is another good thing.

Sigh....keep on keepin' on! Hope you have an awesome day off and meet with success :)