Wednesday, May 30, 2007

it's a wrap

What is going on here?!

My usual. It's not dyslexia, presicely...or is that precisely...

Coon wars continue around here. Tonight, a couple of kin sunk their teeth and claws into each other. I thought one got ahold of a cat. I went hot and cold, just like you read about, and I leaned over the railing and saw them locked in mortal combat. Snarling and yowling and hissing. I ran and filled up a pitcher of water, thinking I could break it up and send them safely on their way if I doused them, but by the time I ran back outside, they'd gone.

God. Full moon fever, or what. Hairs on the back of my neck are still prickly.


Anne said...

Nice depiction of "Le Buttcraque." Accentuate the positive, I say.

Cool to be graced by your effervescence at the BBQ, even though I could barely string two thoughts together and kept engaging in malapropisms & transpositions.

Did you learn Flash? Huh? Didja? I'm jealous. I have a long weekend starting now... no, wait... NOW. But it's too nice to stay in and be geeky & cerebral.

V.K. said...

I think I am a wee obsessed with tongues and such this week. Must. Do. Another.

Good to see you too!! Props to you for eloquently malapropropping! Made sense to me.....

I didn't learn Flash but I did learn a little bit about a couple very tiny little things.

Hope your weekend is AWESOME!! So glad we have the nice weather. I'm gonna get out in it, too.