Tuesday, May 15, 2007

great goodness

Here is a small video of my view this afternoon.

These are carved from erasers! I used an exacto knife mostly...I must've been wanting to challenge myself because man, these are some intricate little drawings for such a small area.

ha ha!

The next several dictionary pages turned into the continuation of what's around the corner from yesterday. I dreamt of my brother last night. He died several years ago. So interesting, that I dreamt about Christopher after spontaneously taking those photos of myself to draw the picture of me peeking around the corner yesterday afternoon. I like these:

In the dream, I was haunting and rooting around an apartment that my mother and I lived in, when we were in San Diego. It was a place called Birdland, because all of the apartments were built on streets named after birds. We lived on Hummingbird. That was when I was in...third grade. (this part's all true) So in the dream I was back in Birdland, but no mom. And the apartment was rather dilapidated. And then I discovered an upstairs inside the place, and some noise. There was a white light ( more like a TV light but the celestial reference is sooo funny) and I climbed the stairs (again with the manmade heaven and it being 'up'). Then this male voice (not the voice of someone's god!) said, "So where did you finally park your bike?" And it was my brother!. That was the COOLEST thing. The whole upstairs attic was like a shrine, and my eyes had finally adjusted to the relative darkness. I was so happy to see him even though I was thinking in the dream Hey wait a sec, you're dead......so....people really come back!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

Time for me to hit the hay. A good day here in alpine country :)

Hello to all, near and far!

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