Friday, May 11, 2007

fry day again, already

...or is that a name with a face? If your cow's name is Bessy, is it
more difficult to eat her? I'm not a vegetarian right now, so that's not a preach. But if your duodenum had a face AND a name, would you be so unkind to it by stuffing it full of non-food items (like most things sold on grocery shelves are, really...)? I'm just sayin'....

I honestly don't know how these weird things surface to surface to draw. I'm sure it's subconsious and maybe even metaphysical. I like how I'm getting the hang of portraying depth. The paper and the pen go real nice together and each lends itself singly and in combination to helping it look this way, for sure.

A picture of Patti Smith in BUST magazine provided the framework and inspiration for this. I like it. I sketched it out at work, since I couldn't check the magazine out - it being the current issue and only non-current issues circulate.

Big news for my weekend: I am going to make a big ol' stir fry with shiitake mushrooms. This is a big treat for me! I am even going to buy some chicken. Gasp! Living high on the hog here.

My neck is still funky but it's not hurting so much, so thank god for small miracles. I was ready to just...I something dramatic. God! I'm glad I don't get migraines and I feel sorely for those who do!

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