Wednesday, May 09, 2007

tidbits and bits of tid

ManGoes back and forth, back and.....yeah okay you got it. I just slurped down a mega mango (and banana and pineapple, with yogurt) smoothie.

page 9 in the dictionary - I dreamt I was at a sort of comic-con last night. Nice! I am trying to understand how to make recessed eye sockets. Lots of shadow. How to create the depth, ya know? How to recognize the underlying structure of what I am drawing, so that I can draw how the shadow and light plays on that surface. I lost some of the spontenaiety in this page because I wanted to draw what I sort of saw in my head but it didn't come out really the way I want to. I'll just keep on trying.

Ah yes, there is the sun. Woke up to fog horns, it was so grey outside, and nippy, like the coast! It's pretty amazing how suddenly, the cloud cover is just.....gone.

I am going to put an ad in our Weekly paper for a cabana boy, to come and rub my still-aching neck and shoulders. You think I would just go and pay for a chiropractic and/or massage visit, right?'s money and....the pain subsides and I think okay cool and then it comes back again. Reminds me of how much of my life has been being NOT in pain and how cool that is. And that some people live with chronic pain...ohmygod. At least it doesn't stop me from drawing, and when I'm absorbed, I don't notice it anyhow.

Gotta go check the mail!

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