Monday, May 07, 2007

welcoming committee

Hey-lo! What an amazingly beautiful day here. I am going to weep, I am so glad to see the sun, feel some warmth, be in bare feets and tank top and shorts with the windows open front and back. I did the laundry and hung it on the back porch to dry! yes!!! I will thoroughly enjoy this reprieve because it is almost guaranteed that we will experience a relapse, and it'll be in the 50s and it will rain. Because this is Oregon.

Here are a couple of greeters for the new digs. They'll sit and jeer I mean wave and smile at the people walking by:

(that's Tong!, and below is Trudy)

You can see more of them in this corner.

I am seriously considering moving back to San Diego.

Ha! Not!! Too expensive, too crowded, probably smoggy and crime-ridden. Man I am having a serious SERIOUS case of nostalgia, though. Like my body is not wanting to stay another winter in Oregon. I don't remember feeling this ready for summer last year...this ready for the frikkin' rain and cold to begone.

In the meantime (while I wait to brew up a plan to become wealthy enough to live somewhere warmer, near a beach, and I mean a beach with water that is warm and sun that is warm too, mostly year-round)....

Goal: to fill up this german/english dictionary I bought at the thrift store yesterday. Page 7, May 7th, Preface. Can I do one a day?? I'd like to make it so.

Another one - I was doing some little sketchy things to work out Trudy Bird sculpture:

That's a wrap! Gonna go catch me some shuteye before too long.

ps - my back is fine, it's only the back of my LEGS that are tighter than a bowstring. But I can walk juuust fine after the weekend warrior yardening yesterday.

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