Monday, May 14, 2007

another one down!

I worked from a photo of myself I took yesterday - I like that the eyes aren't symmetrical to each other. I don't even know how I managed to make myself look like a kid. I know it has to do with proportions but I haven't studied human anatomy and art to know how I did accidentally what I could learn to do purposefully. But I wasn't even trying to make a child figure.

Half the face looks alert, the other half all squinchy like sleepy. My mother would draw faces that weren't symmetrical, too.

There are areas here where I think I am on to something very cool.....

4x6" on Stonehenge printing paper, again working from a photo of myself.

Wow I feel like I've really had a proper weekend (ha! like I always do! three days off being the norm........). Okay more like a vacation. The girls and kids were away at the coast this weekend, so I didn't do the sunday fandango with them - time always seems to go so damn fast when we do our sundays. It's not a bad thing, we have fun, but there is so much stimulus and activity usually of a kidlike nature, I think that has something to do with it. Yesterday was very introverted (not a bad thing), slow paced....same with today.

But, here it is already ten o'clock. I gotta get away from the box....I've been carving for HOURS, on some little tiny erasers that I'm not finished with yet and I need to unkink myself, lie around and read some Squee and sip some tea. (my neck is MUCH improved, that was a long haul)


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