Wednesday, May 23, 2007

no shiver me timbers

I really don't know why this brings to mind the title of a movie that was mostly forgettable - certainly the title isn't forgettable:

At play in the fields of the lord

I remember Kathy Bates losing her mind, which in my opinion, was a very good thing. There she was in the middle of the jungle with her fundamentalist husband and they were there to convert the Indians. She stayed behind the fence they'd built around their hut (it was a pretty big fence). But one day she covered herself in mud and went out into the yard, into the rain dancing nude and stark raving. It was great. You know she's not a supermodel. But she is beautiful and I remember thinking how awesome she was for being able to do that. I was in my very early 20s when I saw the film.

So I guess I connect a sort of peace and restfulness...relaxing into wherever you are with what I thought her character and maybe even she as a woman was doing - a sort of surrender, giving up a struggle. What a relief.

It finally turned a corner today, weather-wise. For weeks, it's been off and on sunny here and there, but usually with this chilly edge. Yesterday was gorgeously sunny but still that coolness. I felt myself becoming so frustrated. Really wanting some warmth here folks.......well today, it was 73 degrees by 11 o'clock. Sunny!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!

The shopping trip yesterday was such a success, I took myself back down the mountain and bought more shirts. And two pair of shorts. I am totally set. For months. And months. I found shirts and shorts in the men's department. Perfect cut, perfect material. Five bucks a piece for the tshirts. In a glorious array of colors. The downside is, I'm sure they're made in a shop where natives don't get paid shit for their labor. Fookin' hell.

I really do mean it when I say thank you to all the people who grew the cotton, and did everything to make it possible for me to enjoy these very comfortable, soft, wonderful tshirts.

It's raining! How about that?! I made it home about five minutes before the downpour. But see, it's warm, and I am warm and that makes all the difference.


Anne said...

Ah, yes, shopping. Hate it, can relate. When I find something I really like, I usually buy a minimum of two.... But for soft, regular old tee shirts, I found a treasure trove at Target. Pronounced "Tar-jay" to true fans, who wish to elevate its goods to a level above its competitors. Can't beat 7 bucks for a reeeeally soft men's tee.

Zhenia said...

Another great drawing!

Hooray on the weather! It turned the corner here too, I think. All of the sudden it's 32 celsius. But, of course, this being Toronto and me not liking Toronto, there is a smog advisory already. They don't have those where I'm moving! YEAH!

V.K. said...

Anne - I miss living closer to Target, mon dieu! I am love love loving my new tshirts. I will live in them until they are threadbare.

Z! The weather pulled another fast one on us here. Cooled down. AGAIN. I'm glad you're enjoying some warmth, FINALLY. And HOOray for no smog land in your not-too-distant future! YESSSSS!!