Saturday, May 05, 2007

on the other hand

My day thus far:

I don't know who sent me that book page and it looks Russian. Anyone know what 'Creeku' is or means? I googled it but alas I have not yet a clue.

Speaking of clues....this summer's Reading Theme at the library is 'Get A Clue'. One year a theme (not a reading club, but a promotional event to raise awareness of The Library) was 'Super Size It'. GROSS! I think Get A Clue is meant to be funny, cute, disarming, blah de blah but anytime that phrase is used, it's negative. I think it was not the wisest choice. It implies stupidity and it is not inviting.

Hey my neck is feeling not so all consuming painful today! Wow. What a relief.

I am still pondering the ways of Cafe Press. I am such a bad salesperson. It sooOOOOOooo does not interest me. Sure, I'm exhibitionistic and I love for people to connect with my artwork. But being all agressive and marketing? Fuggetaboutit. Still, there is no timeline here.

I gotta move my body, I've been sitting and drawing and stuff all morning and afternoon.

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