Monday, May 21, 2007


Single page, 7x4" (about 18cm x 10cm).

Okay now I feel even BETTER...I always do when I doodle!

And my shoulder and neck are barely squawking any this week - hurrah!

So last night's pizza fest was truly epic. The best ever. Us girls are such good cook and collaborators, I gotta say. The thing was mile and a half high and super deelish. Here's Jacque putting the final cheese layer on top:

They also brought six little (very sweet) strawberries from the garden! Oh they were good. And did I mention sweet? I can't believe those little babies are making fruit already! They also brought the camera loaded with pics, and took a picture of the garden before coming over (I haven't been there for a few weeks, as they've been off gallavanting in Seattle and the coast - so this weekend was a warm reunion indeedy):

Jacque made the frame from bamboo in the yard - cool huh.

I think I shall dash between raindrops for a walk or a ride.

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