Monday, April 30, 2007

when i grow up

...I'll probably be dead!

Well, the impetus for watercolor and ink, as you know if you read the post from earlier today, was a deco that came my way from Z in Canada. That gave me the necessary kick in the kaboos to do a whole bunch more pictures! It is the drug of choice today, yey!

First, a Mr. Cake for Haddock. The fish finally made it on dry land and Mr. Cake says, "Nice try, Hake -- but I said CAKE!". A continuation in the series of Mr. Cake shadows:

Next up, a page for a Blackbird deco:

Here's a thing I did in between everything else because, I just had to:

And finally a page in the fishy deco I made for Adamandia, which we are passing back and forth taking turns arting up (much fun, much fun):

YES!! Fish blow bubbles!!

While I drew and painted this afternoon and evening, I listened to awesome music mixes I made from last spring...right now Bjork is doing her undeniable Bjork thing and giving me chills, like I always get when I listen to her or watch her. Oh my god! She's amazing. AND, her new album Volta is out May 7.

I can hardly contain myself. I watched some interviews and stuff at YouTube the other day....I didn't even KNOW about the album, I am so out of the media loop. What a nice surprise though.

Guess what time it is? Time to floss brush do some PT and watch a DVD, which I think will be that one by Metallica, the rockumentary that received rave reviews.

OH! HEY! Hourly Comic Day is coming up, buckle yer seatbelts, grab a pen and come ON already!

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