Wednesday, June 28, 2006

two fer

A couple of ATCs I drew this morning...felt good, I loved doing them and being engaged in the seeing/creating hand-eye-brain coordination mode/space. I just loooove drawing!! I can also see clearer now what could be different about these to make them stronger. But it's okay, I like the process of learning and using permanent ink, I can't erase them, just let them be what they are.

This image is drawn from a picture in a graphic novel by David Mack. It's from the Kabuki series. In the back, he includes his sketches, and also photos of conventions, and also of Connie...I forget her last name...who did a bunch of modeling for him, for his drawings. Cooool!!! I love that he includes all that! It's an amazing series too. Lucky for us, our library carries most if not all of them. But, they are ones I would own gladly. Maybe I should enter another Powell's Book Sweeps Contest or something like that.

anyway...another good day today, did art/puttering all morning long and worked in the evening. Time for snoozers. s'later!

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Tonje said...

Oooohh.... permanent ink... that's brave! I wish I was that confident drawing... Great cards by the way!