Tuesday, June 20, 2006

all in a good day

Heigh ho....another glorious day here! Small miracle of the afternoon: two little window panes of special glass, one to each eye, allow me to see with 20/20 vision. To me, that is a miracle. I am so glad someone figured out how to make corrective lenses.

The massage was heaven. Sigh....my neck and shoulder is feeling so much better (and I broke down and swallowed a couple ibuprofen - it really did help).

I'm listening to Bjork - another small miracle. She's amazing. I've been given and have also downloaded many live shows. She really is angelic. And a lil' devil too. The best combo!

I dunno what is up with the bread situation. I did make banana bread this morning and took a loaf for Jamal (massage dude), and that turned out really yummers. And my regular loaf of weekly bread rose more this time than last week but..it tastes flat. Hmmmm. Still it's loaded with fiber and goodness otherwise and those are essentials, so I'm happy. Loaded with butter or cheese or jam, and it's just even dandier.

I thought I would do at least three more projects before bedtime (which I swore would be earlier tonight!!!) but I keep forgetting that I can't just 'whip out' a drawing. Well not really - there is more to drawing than drawing. But! I did draw and carve and print! And I cut up a BUNCH of card for ATCs and postcards too. I do love laying in stores!

Here's the latest Mina to Watashi (thanks to all you smart girls for various and additional meanings for 'mina'):

I really like these little creatures. I can understand a bit better how storytellers and illustrators say that the characters draw or write themselves. I mean I feel like a conduit and certain I have a hand in it but - if I step aside, they come visit me and say what they wanna say. It's so cool.

Here is my bathroom at night, and I did a small accompanying video (which...darn it!...didn't turn out so well...someday I will purchase a video camera...someday..).

Okay time to clean up and settle in for a good night's rest. No really, I must. No more projects. Well maybe I could just sketch a tiny little bit for that Round Robin....


Tonje said...

Oooohhh.... another Mina to Watashi carving.... Yay!! Gorgeous. They are my favourite! Is this one as small as the other ones? It looks bigger... I love the detail in this one... flower/grass.... Lovely!!


Issi said...

wow, its beautiful photo, where it is? keep in touch, Issi

Anne said...

I just love curly willow. I've some on my mantle too, and candles everywhere. NICE photo.