Thursday, June 22, 2006

thursday, simply put

wha-? What day is it? I've gone through another time warp! Thursday. Okay. Mid-work-week. I closed up shop tonight and I turn around and go in to open tomorrow so...REALLY I am going to bed at a reasonable hour.

After work on the walk to the bus stop, I passed a new dance studio. I just loooove all that wood floor. Big glass windows facing the street. And inside was just one couple waltzing (or something) around. It was two guys, older gents - that is so sweet and great! I guess that their egos aren't so big that they perish the thought of actually being that close to another guy, or of being lead around. That's cool.

I think I have another trade in the making, from a gal in Japan! Oooh fun! It's throught this relatively new site called Gimme Your Stuff. Check it out.

So even though I work late...I still was able to do some art when I got home! Yay! I've added them over this-a-way.

And I also snapped some pictures on the walk home/to the bus stop which I am about to post....over here.

And now...I am sooo heavy-lidded, I must go to bed. I will catch up with all you lovelies soon! Thanks for all your thoughts and emails and notes!

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Rikki said...

Hey, glad to hear your swaps are going well!!! Are you gonna join up on the site? Then when you get your swaps we'll publish your pic and your story :)
Australian Ambassador for Gimme Your Stuff