Thursday, June 15, 2006

la louche

....louche is squinty, shady, or ambiguous in french. That should be my name. Anyone got some cucumber slices? My poor eyes, they need 'em.

So that cornbread, while indubiously delicious, also is very not big. It's more like flat bread, see:

Had some bad dreams last night - late for work! and I finally found something that fit and it was wrinkly! later for work! It really was nightmarish. More about being thwarted than anything. Fear of being flogged, maybe? Jeez! So I ironed two pairs of pants this morning for my week, and I forgot to mention that a little while ago my friend and I trucked across the street to Value Village (a department-store-sized thrift store) and I found a great pair of pants/jeans for what ended up being $3.50.

Got to work the next day and thought to ask Charity, who is in The Know about everything fashion, 'Are Lucky jeans expensive?' She cocked her head to one side and said, 'Hmmm..yeah, well kinda, you can get a pair at Nordstrom's for about a hundred bucks'. I crowed, "Well lookit this!" She goes, oh my god you find the deals and says yeah then there's that lucky you tag and I finally get it. At first I just thought oh yeah lucky me I got a great pair of jeans. No. You see where the tag is placed.


Tam said...

Cute! Love it! Who's the lucky one? hehe MMMMMM corn bread, can I have some?

Tam :)

Etayne said...

ohhhhh.... I MISS Value Village.
The local Goodwill here is... pitiful.
And capri pants seem to be the fashion here, wether you should make that fashion statement or not. ah, the heat!

V.K. said...

no luck yet...yaahahaha oo-er. Tam it is good to see you girl! Etayne, ya sweetie too - even though you made a leap into working full time you make time to say hi. You are both so sweet.

I never really did look good in capri pants. Cargo pants with rolled up pant legs to capri length, yes. But capris? No.

The Village, it pretty much rocks, yes. Sowwwwy you have not one there!!

Tonje said...

My eyes got really big when I read that you ironed your pants....!!! But then I realized that what you call pants over there isn't the same as we call pants over here.... lol... We call them trousers. I did that mistake just after we moved to Scotland... called my trousers "pants"... I was talking about matcing shoes... and the person I was talkin to wondered why on earth I needed to match my shoes to my underwear... hahahaha!!! I never did that mistake again.....

ArtPfunk said...

LOL I have never HEARD of those pants before!! (I am so not in the know whan it comes to clothes..) That is really funny...and how cool that you got them for so little!! The salvation army here has good things once in a while.I got a really nice jeans skirt for like 2 dollars, becayse it was tues day and clothing is half off on tuesdays! I wish we had a value village though... And I loved Tonje's story LOL :D

V.K. said...

hi girls!! thanks for dropping in! Tonje, that IS a funny story...I forget about the lingo but here I've gone and read 'Dancing in my Nuddy Pants' and I know that means the pants you wear under your trousers :-) (and in fact I just received the latest Georgia Nicholson book (by Louis Renniston in Brighton England) called Started by his Furry Shorts...shorts?..not knickers...and Georgia on the cover has cucumber slices under her eyes!!! I LOVE COINCIDENCES!)

EQ - I know what you mean about, er, not being in the know. I hadn't a clue when I bought them, they were just mostly clean (I got the stains out), no rips, and most importantly..they actually fit my body! No small feat! You know how awful jeans/trousers shopping can be...aaaagh! I luuurve the second-hand clothing shopping though, it's great but I'm sorry your selection is so puny. People around here put boxes of FREE stuff on the curb all the time although..that could be..narsty.

frogstar said...

ohhh! id' forgotten about louise rennison's books! how great are they?!?! heehee.
we have "save mart" here. the clothes are all priced with coloured tags and each week one colour has 50% off. i am such a bargain junkie... so i try not to go too often. ;-)