Friday, June 23, 2006


Hi all!

I've just got home, it's evening and golden outside. An uneventful day at work - although I did learn of a swell new (video, PlayStation2) game that I would looooove to play I think, called Katamari Damashi. The anglicized version is spelling it as 'damacy' but there is no 'cy' sound in japanese. I know that 'katamari' means big, sticky ball. I looked up damashi and nearest I can tell, it means 'spirit'. The game is all about rolling over things and gathering them up with a big sticky ball (I bet rice balls have an influence here). Check out the site! It's soooo cute (kawaii!)! And the voice you hear is by a guy named Dukaka (I am pretty sure, but I think my spelling is off). He makes music with his voice, beatbox. I really want to make some music now. I started to learn how to play didge and I can make sounds come out but there is such a range of tones and stuff you can produce, with practice...and my little doumbek drum has been much neglected....

I shopped at Kiva after work:

(view from the second floor of the library, where I work, click to englarge a bit)

and this is some of what I brought home. It's just so gorgeous, and the prices are falling again now that these veggies are more in season. Whew! I filled up various containers with my staples (millet, walnuts, quinoa) - I love doing this. I feel so fortunate. My larder is full. And I am going to blanch the chard and then do some art. Life is so good! Be talking to you all (together and individually) soon........

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Tonje said...

Yum.... those tomatoes looks deeeelicious!!! I've never seen those red and green thingys before? Looks good though... what do you do with them? Cook them or eat them raw like salad?? Mmmmmm, I love vegetables... had a delicious mixed slad for dinner today!