Sunday, June 25, 2006


whoooo eeeeee it's finally summer! I know I say that a few times a month and then it cools down again - fake out! But this time...I think it's here to stay for a couple months.

After a good bike ride this morning and an awesome breakfast I made myself (eggs, chard - that green leafy and rainbow stuff you see a couple posts down - homemade bread/toast...hashbrowns...sprinkle pecorino over the them...mmmMMMmmmm), I hunkered down and made some stuff! You can see one of those stuffs over at Hinterlandia.

Also, I made some magnets from a couple of very small interesting cool pictures that Jessye sent me. You can gaze upon more of her work on this page. She sent these lil' tableaux along with the ATC's, and today I mounted them, spread gel acrylic on them, and stuck them on my fridge

and on the stove hood thingy

She is such an awesome artist!

And I love gel transfers!! (that's what I've been up to allll afternoon)

Also uploaded a trilogy of bus stop crow footage.

I never did remove my contacts after the bike ride...gah! Need to go and do that and then get busy on some swaps and deco pages that are due out. Talk to you all later.


Anne said...

Heh-- I just had my stringy brains eaten by aimhleas because I was curious and hit the "Duck & Dodge" link at the bottom of this page. Hmmm. Methink you like zombie lore? Have you seen "Shaun of the Dead"? Brit zombie spoof film-- frickin hilarious.

Anne said...

I just found the thing I told you yesterday that i thought was so excellent. It was the short video you titled "RAGA" in a May entry at your other site. There's just something about it that's brilliant.

V.K. said...

aw thanks!

And I just happened on that zombie ate your brain thing from a Really Strange Girl's blog, so I had to have one on mine too...beyond's my friend Clark who's the zombie fiend...